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Our Technology

Meet Our Robots

HB1 by Hausbots

Our patent pending and totally unique wall climbing technology, HB1.

The HB1 can climb rough surfaces, overcome obstacles such as wires and surface bolts, and has a payload of 6KG. We use our robot for: painting, HD visual Inspection and building and infrastructure surveys.


Data Visualisation Dashboard

Using the data collected by robot and drone.

We are then able to create 3D representations of your assets, buildings and infrastructure, to help with structural engineering surveys and predictive maintenance.

Our Services

Exterior Protective Paints

Exterior paints such as Stormdry can be applied using our unique robotic system. 

The HB1 Wall Climbing Robot is able to climb a surface, and apply your chosen exterior paint. This process can work 3X faster than traditional methods, saving you money and time, but most importantly, is a far safer method as no boots leave the ground. 


Warehouse and Industrial Painting

Painting large commercial spaces is time consuming, and can often be dangerous. Whether scaffolding, using ladders or on cherry pickers, we believe robotics can offer a much safer, faster and cost efficient alternative. 

Building and Infrastructure Survey and Inspection

Combining drone work and our unique patent pending climbing robotics, we can capture the highest fidelity data about your structure. From HD ‘inch away’ camera images from our robot mounted camera, to using specialist surveying equipment such as concrete cover meter surveying, our technology is revolutionary for on site safety and disruption.