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HausBots Services

Exterior Protective Painting

Using our airless spray system, HB1 by HausBots can deal with any type of coating requirement. A particularly great use case is building exterior paints, as work at height here can be dangerous and expensive. Here you can see stormdry being applied to waterproof a brick gable end at 9m tall

Visual Inspection

With an on board HD camera, HB1 by HausBots offers a quick, cost-effective and minimum danger approach to asset inspection. 

Infrastructure Inspection 

Using our 6KG payload…

The robot can incorporate custom ‘more than visual’ inspection technology. Examples of existing attachments include: Ultrasonic wheel probe, concrete cover meter survey, GPR survey and more. 

Warehouse Painting

The HB1 can be fitted with an airless spray system to deal with any number of coatings for your commercial project.