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HB1 by HausBots

HB1 by Hausbots

Our patent pending and totally unique wall climbing technology, HB1.

The HB1 can climb rough surfaces, overcome obstacles such as wires and surface bolts, and has a payload of 6KG. We use our robot for: painting, HD visual Inspection and building and infrastructure surveys.


42KG of Suction Force

Our unique and carefully designed suction system…

Creates 42KG of force into the surface. Whilst it may seem miraculous… It’s certainly not going anywhere. The HB1 has a 30m range from the ground, but potentially unlimited if the tether can be supplied from the roof. 

Any Surface Texture

Our unique technology is capable of climbing on ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces such as stainless steel, brick and concrete, and overcome surface obstacles of up to 12mm including welds, rivets and wires.

Down to 3M Radius

Using our patent pending technology…

We are then able to create a robot for any climbing challenge. Columns, tanks, flat walls… you name it, we climb it. 

6KG Payload

The HB1 has 6KG available for your payload.

Sensing, inspecting, grabbing, painting and more. Within the 6KG available, the uses for your project are almost unlimited.