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3 Stories

When roof access to your project is not available, we have a reach of 3 stories. If roof access available, we can tether and go unlimited. 

How much does it cost?

Our prices are only available for full service jobs including operator and paint. Please get in touch for a quote on your project.

How tall can you climb?

Unlimited! (if we can get roof access). 3 stories if not.

Who is your customer?

We are looking for Housing Associations and Local Councils with aging brick housing stock, in need of thermal improvements and damp proofing of brick. If you are a homeowner, we can also offer you the service.

We also work with commercial painting contractors or engineering surveyors.

What services do you offer?

We focus on 3 use case areas. Exterior painting, such as protective paints. Warehouse and industrial painting. And, building and infrastructure inspection.

What projects can you work on?

Our main focus and speciality is exterior brickwork damp proofing using masonry protection cream.

We also offer commercial and warehouse painting along with building and infrastructure inspection.

Can I rent or buy a robot?

Not at this time. Many commercial painters and decorators have been in touch and we are thinking of this offering in the future. For now, we can full service sub-contract on your jobs.

What is masonry protection cream?

35% of heat loss in a home is through the walls. Dry (as in, not wet!) walls conduct less heat and also do not let penetrating damp through from rain. We use a clear coat cream to provide this.