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The Client

The Papermill is an indoor carpark come event space, regularly holding shows, exhibitions and ‘food truck’ dining experiences

The Problem

The building was in a derelict state, and as a young company, The Papermill needed a wall to wall refurbishment, avoiding high access costs, with minimal disruption.

The Solution

Being based just round the corner from The Papermill, HausBots LTD was approached by Mr Hadrami to undertake the work on rejuvenating the walls in the property.

With the 6m breezeblock wall running round the perimeter of the property, therefore above the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommendation of 30minutes of ladder work, sufficient access equipment beyond ladder and

step-ladders was required to complete this work.

Mr Hadrami had three main criteria when choosing the supplier to undertake wall refurbishment; speed, safety and avoid access costs.

Using our patent-pending wall climbing robotic technology, combined with our custom adapted Graco 390 Airless Spray System, HausBots LTD were able to complete the task 3X faster than the closest comparable supplier, achieving 95% reduction in ‘boots off the ground’, and fit into a packed working schedule with other trades, with minimal disruption.

You can read the full PDF case study HERE