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We’re here on site today, in the lovely West Berkshire, at an old cottage which has a gable end facing directly into the prevailing winds.

It’s been taking a beating over the years and so today, we’re applying a completely clear coating of Stormdry to help on the weather and waterproof properties of the wall.

We’re using our patent pending and totally unique climbing robot which has the ability to climb rough surfaces, climb over obstacles such as nuts, surface bolts and wires, and carry a large payload.

Todays payload is an airless spray system to allow us to apply the clear coating. Our robot sticks to the wall using patent pending technology derived from Formula 1 style aerodynamics, and carefully crafted chassis design, and crucially, doesn’t require a seal or suction cup to climb the surfaces, unlocking our unparalleled rough surface abilities.

Stormdry provides many benefits to brick walls, including waterproofing and increase energy saving, through having your wall be dry, which conducts less heat.

Please contact us for a quote on your property, using our robotic solutions.