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In the leafy residential area of Moseley, Birmingham, sits Mrs Rebolo’s property. The gable end has exposed brickwork facing directly into the prevailing winds, leaving it vulnerable to the onslaught of weather. Throughout wet periods, the wall can become damp, and this can often lead to more heat escaping through the wall too.

Using traditional working practices, Mrs Rebolo would be quoted by suppliers ranging from deploying temporary scaffolding through to cherry pickers, each with quotes outside the budget of the project, demanding excessive timelines for the project, and disruption to the area, with scaffolding staying on site for potentially weeks.

Using our patent-pending wall climbing robotic technology, combined with a custom adapted Graco 390 Airless Spray System, HausBots LTD were able to complete the task 3X faster than the closest comparable supplier, achieving 95% reduction in ‘boots off the ground’. All in all, the entire wall was painted in a few hours, with the team completing the job with no disruption in a single afternoon.

Overall, the robot applied over 20L of Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream to a high quality Airless Spray finish within a few hours, giving 25 years of water and weatherproofing to this gable end, along with improved warmth retention.

You can click HERE to download the case study