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Welcome to a blog series about what it’s like to work at a venture capital (VC) funded robotics startup. This blog is focussed on our software team who write the programs behind our patent-pending and world-leading wall climbing robots for inspection and maintenance. 

Today you’re going to meet Mike and learn some more about his robotics career, background, training and what it’s like to work at HausBots. 

I (Jack, CEO and Co-Founder) have written up a short interview with Mike to hopefully get more of a background. 

Jack: What does your job at HausBots entail?

Mike: A typical day at work starts with a nice warm cup of coffee. Then creative chaos is unleashed when I enter the IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) and enter the world of code. Many times I have to design a PCB ( Printed Circuit Board ) that suits our needs. If a pcb is printed and all the required components are in house, then I would populate it. Other tasks are electronics inspection of the robot and making sure that everything is up to date and in order. 

Jack: Can you tell me some more about yourself, background and training? 

Mike: Born and raised in Hellas (Greece), where I spent most of my time building things, be it wooden swords and other types of weaponry, or more complex robotics and/or other futuristic stuff. My studies were focused on programming with the goal to achieve a masters in robotics. Before HausBots, my background was purely academic.  

Jack: Why did you get into robotics? 

Mike: Before discovering the field of robotics, I wanted to become a paleontologist as I was fascinated by dinosaurs. However, one day at a games store, my father showed me the first Lego Mindstorms kit and told me all about the field. That was the turning point, I was completely hooked and dinosaurs can stay in the past, where they belong! 

Jack: Why does working at a startup appeal to you?

Mike: I am always eager to learn new things and always wanted an RnD role. I love the fact that I am not just programming all day – which don’t get me wrong, I love doing – I also get to design, build and manage the electronics of the robot. I am part of the full design / development cycle, which in a big company, chances are you wouldn’t be able to experience that! Furthermore, your work is being seen and valued!  

Jack: What advice do you have for someone looking to explore robotics as a career choice?

Mike: If you like coding it’s so much more fun to program a robot than just another mobile app! If you like building stuff and giving them “life” then I don’t know any other, more relevant, field than robotics!  I would encourage them 100%. Robotics is the future and we are just at the beginning of what we can enable through robotics. Also, robot uprising is far from happening so don’t worry!